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Privacy Policy


This website uses cookies.


I don't particularly want it to use cookies. I'm not really using the cookies on purpose for anything. But I set it up on and no doubt some of the  fancy wizardlike cool interactive features that come for free with the setup are using cookies.


Some of them, with names like XSRF-TOKEN and SSR-caching, appear to be essential for Wix to function.


Others apparently are there to offer me some statistics about who clicked on what. Which is fine? That might be nice to know. Also, it's possible there's some integration with Google Analytics that I might end up using. But it's also totally fine with me if you use the "Decline All" button and turn all those cookies off. Here is a page from Wix on how they use cookies.

Data Storage

Unless you sign up for the newsletter (which is hosted via MailerLite,a another cloud service with its own privacy policy), or email or tweet me, or comment on the blog once I get around to setting it up, and except for the abovementioned analytics cookies, I am not trying to learn anything about you. I am not recording your email address, or taking any commerce information. So far, there are no accounts, you can't log in. I am not advertising anything except, you know, stuff I made myself that you might want to buy. There are no third-party ads, and I am doing my damnedest not to sell any information about you to third parties.

But who knows what Wix is doing? It is very likely, at a minimum, recording your IP (internet protocol) address. Is it sharing that with others? I don't know. Here is what they say about Users-of-Users' (that's you) data (see Section 6).

In Closing

You are navigating an opaque online ecosystem full of people who want your data for reasons you may not like. I am not trying to take your stuff, but I am using a cloud service whose internal workings I do not understand. Feel free to turn off all "non-essential" cookies, consider using an onion browser, educate yourself, and be careful out there!

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