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Upcoming Appearances

Stay tuned for more planned events! If you haven't already, sign up here for occasional updates and announcements so you never miss an event (or click the pen at the top right of the page)!

Past Appearances

 with Jennifer R. Povey, Brick, Leigha McReynolds, and Malka Older

Friday, December 17th, at 7pm EDT -  Orphan Black, a show following the struggles of a group of clone sisters, was a great show with a small audience. This panel will celebrate its themes, science, and characterizations. Just don't talk about Clone Club...

 with Marie Brennan, Gregory A. Wilson, Humza Kazmi, and Aaron M. Roth

Saturday, December 18th, at 4pm EDT -  Random elements are a design tool used in many video game plots and progressions, whether it be procedurally generated enemies or quests, or large-scale reordering of the game logic. There are similar, but different, dynamics in tabletop role-playing games' use of dice and random generation tables. Why does randomness in game progression work? What are the consequences when it doesn't? How do random plots change the way players experience agency in the game?

 with Katherine Crighton

Sunday, December 19th,10-10:50am EDT -  Capitol Room

Sunday, December 19th,11:30am EDT -  Autographs 1

August 23rd, at 6 pm PDT - Benjamin Rosenbaum in conversation with Cory Doctorow on The Unraveling!

August 13th, at 3 pm EDT -  Come celebrate 2021 book debuts (The Unraveling, On Fragile Waves) with mini-readings and Q&As! Also, snacks! ...No, not actually snacks. We would have snacks if we were with you, but then we would be breathing on you, so just imagine the extremely delicious snacks!

Academic Talk: "Doctor Who as the Wandering Jew"

Of all the great twentieth-century SF/F media franchises, "Doctor Who" has some of the least visible Jewish representation on-screen, but the show has deep Jewish roots (via its creators Sydney Newman...

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